C.A. Saltoris is a Brazilian award-winning cosplaying Fantasy author and the pseudonym of Ariane de Melo: an in Germany living Mom, journalist, former actress and theater director, serial entrepreneur and founder of Management, Coaching & Entertainment Company Ariadnefaden UG. Ariane gave a TED talk about Dead Dreams, based on the system she created for Public Speakers based upon one of her Fantasy novels – and she doesn’t like to see her birth name printed on books; that’s a Saltoris’ thing.


“I am known for my jokes and my refusal to take myself seriously, and I could be humorous or ironic-self-destructive about the things I write to be funny, but the truth is that I create worlds I wanted to see and never got the chance. A great deal of the stories I produce take place in poetical environments – the beauty in the darkness – that’s hard to find, so I decided to deliver them myself.”


Little Ariane was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1987 and wanted to become a Journalist ever since she could remember. Every evening, she would sit in front of the TV to watch her favorite anchor, Fatima Bernardes, and hope that someday she would sit on that very chair and deliver the news to the nation until she figured out that she wasn’t fond of Journalism. She just wanted to write.

Ariane won her first award for writing by the age of twelve, by the age of sixteen, the second. Her first novel was born when she was thirteen, and the book that shaped her writing-voice was a drama called “The Book of Shadows,” about a witch who loved a catholic priest.

As a performer from an early age, she enjoyed creating realities to escape the human-world, not because she had a bad childhood but because the lack of magic on Earth was nearly unbearable for her young, dreamy, and mystery-loving heart. Writing Fantasy became second nature.

Ariane left Brazil to live in Germany when she was nineteen, where she studied Journalism / Performing Arts, wrote for print / online magazines, acted in and directed theater plays.

In 2013 her first published novel came out to the public. Banshee – The Guardians, the opening of the Salvation Trilogy got popular quite quickly in her home country, and launched her writing career.

In 2014 with The Forgotten Story of The Inn on The Highway, the cosplays were born. Ariane tells that she needed to find a way to stand out, and being a professional performer gave her the means to bring her female main characters to life in 3D. Little did she know that she only enjoys cosplays and pop culture, in general.

The Cosplaying author became a brand of itself, from this day on, she has been dressing up as her main female characters.

Today, Ariane is also a mom, wife, businesswoman and lives with her family in Berlin, Germany.


In case you asked yourself: Ariane created the pseudonym C.A. Saltoris because she wanted to remain incognito, thinking that spinning too many profession-plates would get people confused about what she does for a living. She doesn’t care about any of that anymore; she kept the name because it’s cool and calls it “the wise part of myself I didn’t even know I had.”

C. stands for Carmen, an homage to her late grandmother and cheerleader, that passed before she got her books published. A. stands for her own first name Ariane, and Saltoris should be an old family name from her father’s side.